Compressed Air Lines

Compressed air line systems deliver compressed air from one place to another within your facility. At A Variety of Applications systems to plant facilities in a variety of industries.

We provide whole turn-key installations and complete utility piping systems. Our experts also advise you on the proper design and use specifications for optimal utility. We cover sterile air, de-oiled air, dehumidified air, service air, heated air, and instrument air systems.

All our systems are configured to make sure that the compressed air is transported appropriately and delivers enough volume and pressure to facilitate and spread out all the components of the compressed air.

We install traditional piping, such as black iron, galvanized, and copper piping. Our services include a variety of complete compressed air piping systems, such as Transair, Teseo, Simplair, and Evolution, among others.

System Design

We aim to give you a compressed air line installation that meets your specifications. We have plenty of experience installing compressed air systems, and Stinson’s Industrial has the know-how to design your system and install it.

Typical system designs cover the main header piping configured into a ‘loop.’ Loop-type systems increase the flow capacity and overcome any pressure drops. Our plant-specific systems are designed to fit your location and process operations in line with your particular category.

High-Quality Industrial Compressed Air Line Piping

We have the expertise, equipment, and personnel to install compresses air line installation with top-of-the-line piping that is high-quality, affordable, and durable. Our piping systems expertise includes:

• Stainless steel piping, commonly used in other industries due to efficiency and affordability. The sectors include food, automotive, pharmaceutical, and construction.

• Carbon steel piping utilizes the heat exchanger and condenser properties of carbon steel. We apply this high-quality piping to a wide range of uses.

• Prevost aluminum piping is lightweight, highly resistant to corrosion, and easy to install. Aluminum piping does not need specialized tools or threading machinery during the installation, so this piping is safe, efficient, and economical.

• Non-metal (plastic) piping is lightweight and more manageable than steel or metal. It does not require special machinery during installation and is non-corrosive. Unfortunately, it is not as durable as other options.

• Galvanized inlet piping is highly resistant to corrosion. Once corrosion occurs, though, the galvanized layer peels off.

• Copper piping is used in sensitive compressed air systems. It entails a meticulous installation process to ensure it works.

• Steel piping or black iron piping quickly corrodes once exposed and leads to air contamination. It costs less but is not manageable. It requires special skills and tools during installation.

A Variety of Applications

No matter your industry, we have the equipment and personnel to install a complete compressed air line for you. We serve a variety of categories, including:
• Manufacturing and industrial plants
• Auto repair, heavy truck repair facilities, and body shops
• Breweries
• Garages
• Woodworking and metalworking

Contact Us For Superior Compressed Air Line Installation Services

At Stinson’s industrial compressed air line installation is one of our core competencies. We work hard to give you a quality, affordable product that will last. We’re passionate about providing the best service, standing behind our people and product.

Our piping is lightweight, and we use compression fittings that eliminate the need for gluing, welding and screwing pipes together.

Learn more about our core competencies and speak to our experts. Contact us for a free-of-charge site survey to discuss your needs in more detail.

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