We can cut any solid material such as Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Carbon Steel, Brass, Ductile Iron, Gasket Material, UHMW, Lexan, Phenolic, Delrin, Foam, Rubber, Glass, Stone, and Tile.

Our 4 Axis Machine will cut Bevel, Radius, and most custom parts such as Stainless Steel Flanges, Base Plates, or any type of Highly Precision, Intricate, Net Shape Part.

Dynamic Control with Active Tolerance Control gives us the ability to cut parts faster and more accurately than with a standard, non-Dynamic waterjet.

Using a small articulated wrist the Dynamic Waterjet automatically tilts the waterjet head in any direction up to 10 degrees to eliminate stream lag and kerf taper errors resulting in the tightest part tolerances and highest cutting speeds available. This technology incorporated with groundbreaking advantages allows up to 60 degrees of articulation for bevel and 3D part production with Dynamic XD.

When compared with plasma, laser, and edm, Waterjet Cutting provides the following distinct advantages:

  • Ultimate Versatility- We can cut virtually any solid material up to 8” thick.
  • Best Cutting Edge- No heat, no slag, no stress – just a smooth satin edge.
  • Precision Cutting- High accuracies for a finished part directly off of the table.
  • Incredible Detail- Thin stream and gentle erosion process produces very fine detail.
  • Material Savings- Tight nesting allows us to provide a competitive price.

Our waterjet capabilities are ideal for:

  • Fabrication Components
  • Mass production components, such as gaskets, flanges, etc…

We have local delivery or nationwide shipping options.