Warehouse Decommissioning


We provide a wide variety of Facilities Services including Warehouse Decommissioning. We can provide this service to the Tenant, Land Lord or Owner of the facility. Basically we can take your fully operational facility and turn it into a make ready functioning box for the next Tenant. This would include tearing down of pallet racking, cubicles, conveyors, packaging lines and any other processing equipment. We can stack, band or palletize, relocate and set-up in another facility or make ready for shipping. We will inspect and repair warehouse fans, lighting, floors, man doors, roll up doors, offices and restrooms. We will remove or replace gates, signage and paint. We also provide demolition and disposal services.

We have a number of contacts in the Industrial Surplus and Racking Industry. We often can provide buyers for good used equipment and surplus pallet racking for repurposing.

For assistance with Warehouse Decommissioning or Warehouse Relocation contact Mike Stinson at 901-355-3628.