Sanitary Stainless Steel

When it comes to sanitary products and solutions, stainless steel is the best material to use. In addition to being super clean, stainless steel is also very durable. All stainless steel products have a lifespan of at least 100 years.

Like all steel, stainless steel is made from carbon and iron. Standard steel corrodes because of the presence of iron, making it prone to rusting and corrosion. However, with the addition of chromium in stainless steel, the oxidation rate changes. Chromium provides the corrosion-resistant features to stainless steel. It is one of the reasons why stainless steel is perfect for sanitary products – it doesn’t erode. In addition to being corrosion-resistant, stainless steel has other features that make it an ideal choice for hand sanitation stands and sanitation dispensers. Stainless steel is relatively cheap, strong, durable, and it looks good. Sanitary stainless steel products perform well in low and high temperatures.

For sanitary stainless steel goods, make sure to take a look at our product selection. Stinson’s Industrial produces the highest-quality steel to fit our clients’ needs.

Why Consider Sanitary Stainless Steel

Because of seasonal flu, viruses, and germs, offices and workspace facilities demand excellent hygiene standards. Businesses often consider using sanitary stainless steel to maintain high standards. Stinson’s Industrial doesn’t compromise on the quality, ensuring every product consists of sturdy and durable stainless steel material.

Here are some of the biggest perks of using sanitary stainless steel:


Stainless steel is known for its durability and strength. It resists staining and corrosion, meaning it is ideal for kitchen or bathroom accessories, which often get wet. Such accessories include soap holders, hand sanitation stands, and sanitation dispensaries. Even if you damage or scratch the stainless steel, it has a layer of chromium oxide, which ensures that the sanitary surface stays shiny.

Stylish Look

The modern, elegance of stainless steel looks great in any office, meeting room, store, and so on. Stainless steel goods continue to look bright and clean if properly maintained, making your business or other property look more hygienic.

The pleasing look of stainless steel alongside other metals materials will impress your employees, customers, or clients. Stylish sanitary hand dispensers, sanitation stations, and other implements appear modern and highly functional in stainless steel.

Easy to Clean

Not only will stainless steel goods keep your business facility hygienic, but they are easy to clean as well. A sponge and warm water are enough to wipe away dirt and stains. Don’t use wire wool as it may scratch the surface and make it susceptible to corrosion.

100% Recyclable

Stainless steel is completely recyclable. When a stainless steel item can no longer be used, it can be melted down and made into something new. You can repeat the process again and again without losing any quality or durability.

The fact that stainless steel can be reused is not only good for the environment, but it also reduces the need to mine for additional resources.

Here at Stinson’s Industrial, we offer a range of high-quality stainless steel sanitary products to fit clients’ needs, whether it be a hand sanitation stand, custom dispenser, sanitation station, or any other item for your industrial application.

Industries That Use Sanitary Stainless Steel

Sanitary stainless steel is an essential part of today’s life. Stainless steel’s resistance to corrosion, its durability, strength, and low maintenance make it the perfect material for a wide range of uses.

There are more than 100 grades of stainless steel, 15 of which are used in everyday applications. You can find stainless steel in various forms, including sheets, bars, plates, tubing, and more for use in industrial settings.

A wide range of industries relies on stainless steel, including medical, construction, manufacturing, food, and retail.

Stainless steel has been proven to be beneficial in the food manufacturing industry, and not just because of its shiny, reflective look. Steel is a powerful alloy that doesn’t bend, chip, or crack easily. Stainless steel is excellent for hygienic environments as it is resistant to corrosion and easily sterilized. It is also easy to clean, which significantly helps keep germs and bacteria at bay.

Thanks to stainless steel’s resistance to corrosion, and thanks to its flexibility and strength, it is common in modern architecture and construction. It is used in the exterior cladding for buildings, seen in the interiors of countertops, handrails, backsplashes, and other elements. When it comes to sustainable materials, stainless steel is usually made of recycled metal. It is an ideal building material seen in traditional structures such as One World Trade Center, Helix Bridge, the Eurostar Terminal, and so on.

Industries that deal with volatile and toxic compounds such as oil, chemical, gas, and other materials rely on the anti-corrosive features of stainless steel. For heavy and energy industries dealing with chemicals, extremely durable stainless steel has been manufactured with corrosion-resistant properties over high temperatures.

At Stinson’s Industrial, we know how to create the perfect stainless steel weld. We are proud to help many industries produce clean and safe products, ranging from retail stores to pharmaceutical drugstores and everything in between. Whether you need sanitary stainless steel or stainless steel parts in different sizes or styles, we are your one-stop destination.

We will gather the team, discuss your project, and together we’ll make a plan that best suits your needs and budget.

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