Conveyor Installation

Automation can help businesses boost production and efficiency and also cut costs. The right Memphis Conveyor Installation could be the step you need to take your production to the next level. Or, if your existing system is outdated, a new installation could boost productivity.

The Benefits of a Conveyor System

  • The efficient movement of supplies and goods around the plant
  • Better capacity when it comes to the volumes of goods produced
  • Improvements in worker safety
  • Prevents workers from getting bored because it’s one less repetitive function to deal with.

What to Look for in the Right System

The system that you choose has to be a good fit with your industry. A vertical lift system, for example, helps you to maximize floor space. A traditional conveyor belt system is a better option if you need staff to sort through items.

When considering which system to get, you need to consider:

  • How much space is available: Any conveyor system is going to require space. You’ll need to consider how much space you need for the hoists, belts, and so forth.
  • What load they’ll carry: You could get a cheap system that can manage the load that you’re placing on it. It’ll save you some money upfront, but it could cause a lot of trouble later. It’s better to get a system that’s a little more powerful than what you need.
  • Your future needs: This is a major system in your plant. Designing it with an eye on your future needs is a smart move. It’s a good idea to build a system that will carry you through expansions for the next few decades. Or, at the least, you need to choose a scalable design.

Generic or Custom-Built?

The answer to that question is going to depend on your needs and your plant. Is your product the same as the average one that a generic system is built to handle? Does a generic system make the best use of space in your plant? Which option makes the most sense in the long run?

A generic system may seem cheaper upfront, but might not be the best investment. There’s more to consider than just the performance aspect. Think also about the opportunity cost. If you’re losing a quarter of the available floor space on your factory, is that generic model worthwhile?

And, while people often think that they’re saving with generic options, they might end up paying for capacity that they don’t need.

It might cost a little more in the beginning to have a customized system, but the increased efficiency would make up for that over its lifespan. It’s a lot more efficient to customize a system to fit your needs rather than to try and make do.

Then again, there are times when a generic system will do fine. If you’ve got a standard plant that would be well-served by a generic system, you could save a little money by opting for that plan instead of a custom one.

But, before you make your final decision, give us a call. We’re able to offer both generic and custom systems. We’ll talk you through your options, and together we’ll come up with the right fit for your plant.

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