Hand Sanitation Services

Maintaining good hygiene is essential as more and more people realize the importance of preventing bacteria and viruses from spreading in the workplace. Every commercial building should be equipped with the right sanitation products to make the environment as hygienic and clean as possible.

One of the best ways to keep your business as sanitary as possible is by placing hand sanitation stands, sanitation dispensers, or sanitation stations throughout the property. Hand sanitation stands and dispensers are essential for work areas as many people are working at the same time.

The last thing your business needs is sick employees who have to take time off because you did not implement precautionary measures. Our custom Memphis hand sanitation products can prevent this scenario from happening. By adding sanitation stations, you can stop bacteria from spreading, keeping everyone in your workplace healthy.

Memphis Hand Sanitation Services for Commercial Use

The best way to stop the spread of germs and potential illness in your work environment is by offering easy-to-refill sanitation stations. Stinson’s Industrial is here to provide you with a variety of hand sanitation stands and custom dispensers to fit your business needs.

Hand Sanitation Stands

Our hand sanitation stands are great for hospitals, public buildings, receptions, corporate offices, shopping mall hallways, and so on. Take preventive actions into your hands to stop the spread of the common cold, flu, coronavirus or other viruses, and harmful bacteria. Stinson’s Industrial sanitation stands promote a clean working environment by giving employees, clients, and visitors a place to frequently wash and disinfect.

Sanitary Stainless Steel

Sanitary stainless steel can withstand years of use and still look good as new. The stands are perfect for use in food prep, lab, or medical areas where contamination is a problem. We produce premium products that meet high-quality standards. Stinson’s Industrial strives to improve workplace safety and employee security with every product we build.

Sanitation Dispensers

Our sanitation dispensers are made of high-quality materials, are super easy to use, and can reduce the risk of coming into contact with germs and harmful bacteria.

Some of the common benefits of using Stinson’s Industrial sanitation dispensers:

  • Decrease employee absences
  • Ideal for high traffic areas
  • Useful in kitchen areas
  • Economic (refills only)
  • Eco-friendly

We stock an array of Memphis hand sanitation products and sanitation dispensers to accommodate a variety of business needs.

Custom Dispensers

Your business logo, your choice, your colors. Stinson’s Industrial can build custom dispensers to fit your branding. When paired with your company logo, there is no doubt that your unique dispenser will make an impression on employees, business clients, and everyone visiting your property. Our custom dispensers are not only good-looking but useful as well. Stinson’s Industrial dispensers are cost-effective, durable, and more hygienic than bulk dispensers.

Sanitation Stations

Our sanitation stations are ideal for public areas, including retail stores, schools, and office buildings. Accessible sanitation stations may reduce the absence of both students and employees. Hand sanitizer stands promote a healthy workplace for customers and employees alike. Ensure that your property is prepared with alcohol-based disinfectant refills to protect everyone from germs and bacteria. Your employees and customers will thank you for maintaining a clean environment in high-traffic areas.

For more information on our Memphis hand sanitation products, talk to our team.