Maintenance Services

Industrial Plant Maintenance Services & Support

We understand how important your facilities and equipment are for your business. Our technicians ensure via maintenance services and support that your site not only runs smoothly, but your output is maximized.

Plant Maintenance Support

As the need for commodities rises in our increasingly globalized world, you want to ensure your plant is in top shape to meet demand. It doesn’t matter which industry your plant falls under— from food and beverages to pharmaceutical and consumer goods — our team can handle all your plant maintenance service needs.

Having expertise and experience, Stinson’s Industries has provided added value to numerous industrial businesses from multiple industries with our industrial plant maintenance services and support. Our maintenance service is fast and efficient.

Why have your team, which is already burdened with production and supply, worry about maintenance too? Maintenance of machinery can get technical. The slightest error can make a machine non-operational. You can’t take such a big risk and hand maintenance tasks to a staff that may not have the proper skill or experience. You need a team of professional, highly-qualified technicians to handle all maintenance to eliminate the risk of machine malfunctions and reduce repair time.

Our approach to your plant maintenance starts with an analysis. This way we can perform maintenance in the most efficient way possible. Our team of engineers will work with you in drawing up the best approach to the maintenance of your facility. This is so there is little to no downtime of machines during the maintenance process. Overall, our objective is to ensure that your machinery runs as if it were new without fear of shutdown in the foreseeable future.

Machinery requires proper maintenance on a constant basis otherwise it may end up breaking down, costing you money, and the possibility of losing business. With our preventive maintenance, we make sure that your plant runs smoothly.

Our Services Include:


  • Special Project Support
  • Work Order Assistance
  • Scheduled Plant Shutdowns: this service includes complete project management by our staff and quality workmanship to ensure that the shutdown maintenance is completed as required.
  • Plant Expansions, complete project management with proper scheduling so your current plant faces little to no downtime and your expansion is completed within the required time.

The Stinson’s Industrial Approach To Industrial Plant Maintenance Services & Support

Stinson’s Industrial caters to your every need, formulating our approach to maintenance based on your schedule. We don’t impose our solution onto you rather we work around your needs. We understand that your business has deadlines to meet so we adapt to them. Our flexibility is why the biggest industrial companies in the Memphis tri-state area keep coming back to us.

No Long-Term Commitment

You will find that most contract plant maintenance services and support providers bind you with a long-term contract, even though you may not need their services for the whole period of that contract. We don’t believe in binding our clients to long-term contracts. You tell us how long you require our services, be it for a week or a year, the terms will be for that duration only. Of course, you’re still welcome to hire us back at any time.

We ensure that the personnel we send out have not only the qualifications and skills but also the equipment required to get the job done. This means you don’t have to take on the headache of providing them with the necessary equipment such as hand, power tools, and so on. Being a one-stop-shop our team also has access to our machine shop. This is an added benefit because we can fabricate special parts and components as they are needed within a short period of time—no waiting on parts. Our turnaround time for such services is unmatched.

To provide such unmatched services, our cost may seem a little higher at first. However, what you agree to upfront is what you pay. There are no hidden costs, fees, or additional charges at the end of the agreement term. We also have qualified, skilled employees that get the job done properly the first time around.

Why choose us?

  • Highly-qualified team
  • No long-term commitment, you pay for the services opted for only
  • Service like no other
  • Vacation relief and 24-hour shift coverage
  • We work with you from planning to the end of the project to ensure everything is running smoothly

Don’t wait until machines breakdown to start a maintenance and support program. You can call us today, and with the assistance of our consultants, we’ll figure out the best way forward for your industrial plant maintenance and support needs. All you need to do is provide us with the details of your plant, and we can get started.

Our Expertise

Being understaffed can be an overwhelming experience for any business, especially with deadlines approaching. Whether a staff member calls in sick at the last minute or you need personnel to cover for staff on leave, we have you covered.

Our team consists of well-trained, experienced technicians that can take over for your staff on leave. We have a mechanism with stand-by technicians so even if a staff member calls in without warning, we can arrange to have their absence covered. We make sure that your business faces zero downtime and all deadlines are met by offering 24-hour shift coverage and vacation relief. Our team can become your team.

We employ only high-qualified, professional individuals who have numerous years of experience. You’ll find that our staff has worked in the biggest industrial plants in Memphis. They have the skills and knowledge to handle all aspects of maintenance and production in a variety of fields. Given all the above, there is no need to worry about the work being done poorly. In fact, we guarantee your satisfaction. We train our staff to be professional and provide high-quality service since we value your business as if it was our own. We understand the importance of building a relationship and trust. We instill this belief in our employees as well.