MIG Welding

At Stinson’s Industrial, we have offered Memphis MIG welding services and related products to all our customers in and around Memphis, TN for the past two decades.

The acronym, MIG, stands for metal inert gas and is also known as gas metal arc welding (commonly abbreviated as GMAW). In the trade, we also refer to MIG welding as wire welding.

The welding process is quick and easy for beginners to master. It requires a continuous solid wire electrode to be fed through a welding gun and into the weld pool as the two base materials combine to complete the welding process. Shielding gas is sent through the welding gun to protect the weld pool from external contamination.

The equipment used to carry out MIG welding regulates the electrical characteristics of the arc. The only manual controls required of the welder are to keep an eye on the travel direction, travel speed, and welding torch positioning.

The filler metal selected for the welding process should closely match the base material for a smooth and elegant finish. Note that in MIG welding, the filler metal conducts current to the arc zone, which melts the base metal and electrode, reinforcing the completed weld joint.

Why Use MIG Welding?

MIG welding enables welders and artists to make most welding fabrications and carry out repairs or maintenance welds on material from 24-gauge to half-inch thick.

It is a high-productivity, low-cost welding process used to weld all types of commercially available alloys and metals. Welding is quick in all positions with the proper selection of equipment, and minimal post-welding clean-up is required.

The welding process is ideal for multi-pass welding, as fume rates are low compared to flux-cored welding and stick welding. There is also less operator skill required overall.

You will find a wide selection of filler metals available to weld both thick and thin material, making the process ideal for mechanized welding, which produces X-ray quality welds.

We regularly offer Memphis MIG welding services to our customers in the area, as the sites are convenient and accessible.

What Are The Limitations Of MIG Welding?

The equipment used in MIG welding is more costly, complicated, and less portable. The welding torch makes reaching into constricted weld areas challenging, and the need for excellent gas shielding requires the gun to stay relatively close to the weld area.

The welding arc and gas shield must also be protected from wind and drafts, which limits the use of this process outdoors unless protective shields are placed around the work area.

Relatively high levels of radiated light and heat also cause operator discomfort, and the base metal used must be clean and rust-free.

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Before you begin any welding project, ensure that you have the proper safety and industrial clothing. Remove all potential fire hazards from the welding area, too.

Basic welding safety clothing includes leather boots, full-length pants, a flame-resistant long-sleeved jacket, a welding helmet, safety glasses, leather gloves, and a skull cap or bandana.

Stinson’s Industrial offers a wide range of services and safety accessories for everyone, from the professional welder down.

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