Code Welder

Code welders hold Welder Approved Test exam certifications for particular welding processes. These processes are specific, but vary between different types of welding, from MIG and TIG welding to stick and carbon steel welding.

We are your Memphis code welder of choice. At Stinson’s Industrial, our technicians have qualifications for various welding processes to cover any scenario and business situation.

The simpler the welding joints, the easier code welding is to master. Trickier joints allow welders to be coded for the easier joints automatically, and our experts always aim to be qualified for all types of welding processes.

Weld processes could include the following specifications:

  • A horizontal position flat weld—with a fillet weld joint type, using 10-mm mild steel, and an MMA stick welding process
  • A vertical position 3G weld—with a butt weld joint type, using 12-mm mild steel, and a MIG welding process
  • An all-position 6G weld—with an inclined pipe joint type, using 3-mm stainless steel, and TIG welding process.

Typically, the most challenging joint is the inclined plane pipe-to-pipe weld. The weld will usually cover all the preceding easier joints.

Welding Codes

There are several welding codes in existence. These include the BS EN 287-1, EN ISO 9606-1, BS 4872, and ASME IX.

The BS EN 287-1 is a European standard relevant in industry and machinery welding. It is accepted as the European equal of the ASME IX qualification and applies across the globe. It has now been superseded by the international EN ISO 9606-1 standard.

The BS 4872 is the British Standard qualification and usually refers to plate work or beam welding joints used in construction. The ASME IX is the equivalent American qualification and applies to the more challenging inclined pipe joint.

Each welding code specification requires welder training, practical tests, and written examinations to qualify as a multi-coded welder. Multi-coded welders are also competent in the various welding processes which cover the following categories:

  • MIG welding is the most common industrial welding process that produces high-quality welds. These welds are quicker and cover a wide variety of metals and alloys.
  • TIG welding is commonly used where weld integrity is sensitive. This welding process produces high-quality small welds with minimal splatter.
  • MMA Stick welding is a versatile and low-cost technique that is suitable in all positions. It handles a wide variety of materials and can be used in a variety of locations.
  • Fusion welding is used for welding polyethylene pipes. The process utilizes heat and copper wire to fuse ends, which is useful in gas and water pipework.

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Here at Stinson’s Industrial, we have a team of multi-coded welders covering a wide range of specifications, materials, thicknesses, and diameters. All our technicians have welder approvals supported by a qualified welding procedure and two decades of trusted quality behind them.

As Memphis coded welders, we offer support to all residents and businesses within the Memphis, TN, area. From Stainless Steel pipework to 6g positions, we are your complete, friendly, and certified full-service welder of choice. Contact us today for a consultation.

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