Utility Piping

At Stinson’s Industrial utility piping is one of our core services. Our trusted experts provide Memphis utility piping installation services to the Memphis, TN, area and its surrounds.

Our expert pipefitters and pipe-welders are some of the best in the country. We also strategically utilize automated cutting and welding equipment to deliver the highest quality service for durable installations at the best prices.

We have ample experience in utility piping systems at sensitive governmental and military compounds, universities, massive farming estates, as well as sizeable private and industrial estates. Coupled with our installation of heating and cooling water systems, steam distribution systems for HVAC needs, process needs, and fuel and natural gas systems, our expertise is far-reaching and versatile.

Our professionals also cover compressed air systems to include sterile air, de-oiled air, dehumidified air, service air, heated air, and instrument air systems. Two decades of experience have seen us install piping systems in food processing plants, chemical and rubber industries, and plastics facilities, too. We have also installed piping systems at water and waste-water facilities, serving innovative waste to both energy recycling plants and traditional processing plants.

The unparalleled industry experience has given us the know-how and logistical support to carry out any piping installation you may need. Contact us for all your piping installation needs—stainless steel, carbon steel, titanium, poly-lined steel, HDPE, PVC & CPVC, aluminum, fiberglass, Monel, Inconel, copper, and cast iron.

Complete Utility Piping Installation Solutions

Our commitment to your total process improvement is a comprehensive and all-inclusive plan for plant construction that fits into piping installation services. We also design and build complete utility systems to support your plant’s overall function.

The design process is not an afterthought for us, but rather an integral part of our ongoing operations. At Stinson’s Industrial, we give you entire systems where you only need to turn on the production line, nothing more.

Our expert-level engineers and installation teams are highly trained in utility piping and systems. They are well-versed in the relevant codes and strict regulations, too.

Specific examples of our Memphis utility piping installation systems include:

• Hot water circuit distribution headers and piping
• Chilled water piping to bakery mixers
• Copper hot water piping and recirculation pump installation
• Sanitary sterile compressed air receivers with a stainless-steel auto-drain
• Main steam header installation
• Water softener installations
• Hot water storage tank with indirect heater skid

…and much more.

Contact Us For Superior Utility Piping Installation Services

At Stinson’s Industrial, we aim to provide you with a complete design and utility piping installation system. Our commitment is to provide a quality installation that will work with minimal hitches, withstand the heavy-duty demands of plant operations, and last for years to come. It is our top priority.

We also audit existing utility piping installations to see where we can help you improve your systems.

Learn more about our core competencies or ask our experts for a consultation. Get in touch today, and one of our friendly professionals will schedule a free-of-charge site survey to discuss your piping installation needs in more detail.

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